Enjoy the messages that I convey in my work and my hope is that you too will be drawn to color

  • Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes | Mixed Media Painting

    I wanted to paint on a larger scale…of course hearts felt the most comfortable subject matter to tackle this endeavor. People and love truly do…

  • Life is Like a Box of Fortune Cookies | Mixed Media

    My second submission for the Cloth, Paper, Scissors calendar was selected to represent the month of December 2010…

  • Secret Garden | Acrylic Paintings

    This is the second piece that I created after Flora Bowley’s workshop. It is a blend of Flora’s teachings while expressing my own style.

  • Melting Colors Garden | Torn Paper

    This piece is a recreation of one of my “healing” paintings. The papers were created using various mediums. Each piece was hand torn and layered……

  • The Greatest is Love | Mixed Media

    In the Spring of 2010 it was time for another donation to AcH’s Palette of Colors Fundraiser. This verse of Corinthians was my inspiration…